About the Editor

Linda Braun – Editor

Principals’ Digests are dedicated to the specialised needs of school principals who face constant demands for informative material for assemblies, newsletters, staff meetings, parents and speeches.

As a principal I was always on the look out for good ideas for assemblies, newsletters, meetings and speeches. I could spend hours collecting interesting and relevant material but it always needed considerable rewriting so it was just right for my audiences of teachers, students and parents.

It is surprisingly difficult, even for someone who reads widely, to find resources suitable for use in the school environment. School audiences are challenging ones and the principal is expected always to be at peak performance.

When I started writing Principals’ Digests, lots of colleagues told me this was just what they had been looking for – lively, fresh and instantly useful Digests for those many occasions when the principal is called on to speak or write to the school community.

I know how busy a principal is. That’s why the Digests are short, succinct and ready to use.

This is the only resource specifically for the needs of principals, written by someone who understands the pressures and demands on you.